Small Business Owner: Overcome depression

Entrepreneurs and small business owners know for their optimism. They called to be the dreamer of the world, who come up with new ideas and innovative solutions to problems. They are also the doers of the world, despite the challenges that lay ahead they set on a winding path with hopes of making those dreams a reality. But while with all of this of dreams and doing it can toll on a person, trying to be optimistic, they also torment themselves by focusing on past mistakes. With the things that not achieve and the comparison where they thought to be now. Actually, it is natural for a small business owner to have sometimes sad and depress. 

Supportive thoughts for Battling sadness and depression

  • Put in mind that you are not alone. People feel depressed from time to time.
  • Acknowledge the feelings and share with others, surely you will get support and other business owners will also know that they are not alone.
  • Depression and sadness are temporary feelings and experience.
  • Through prayers, support you can find strength from people who will help you spiritually.
  • Think that sadness and depression are seasonal too. The same as the four-season we have.
  • Remember that part of being a small business owner there is high and low. And you need the low part to appreciate the highs.
  • The character of a business owner will define how they handle adversity, not a success.
  • Adversity and disappointment are often stepping blocks to future success and is a signs that something great is on the horizon.
  • It is only in he mind, you can choose your mindset, so make a conscious choice to change your focus.
  • Step by step, you can move forward by doing something every day, no matter how small, to get closer to your goals.

With this help and encourage you to help you in times of depression and feeling down on your daily business dealings.

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